I have been developing and delivering educational projects since 2003 (Visual Arts and Sciences of Arts Department at the University of Ioannina, New School Athens, Hellenic Centre for Photography - HCP). I value personal projects and I am mentoring other practitioners in developing and completing their projects. Currently, I am teaching the following courses - workshops:


PHOTOGRAPHY: Theories and Creative Practices I & II

A two semester intensive seminar - workshop in photography as a contemporary artistic practice

Where: ATHENS SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS (established 1837) 

Duration: 14 weeks (98 hours) each course - semester


RE-SEARCH: From Conception to Completion. 

Long term workshop

Every year I am co-teaching with Lambros Papanikolatos and art historian Kostas Ioannidis a Personal Project Development Workshop which starts every year in November. (currently Nov. 2017 - October 2018). In this workshop we focus on each practitioner's work helping him/her developing her/his photography project. The outcome is always a portfolio or a self-published book or a website or an exhibition or a combination of all these.

Max number of participants: 10

MENTORING SESSIONS: Portfolio and Project Development

As an artist, I have experienced that personal projects and self-reflective practice bring personal evolution and satisfaction as they are strongly related with our interests and obsessions. In fact, they reveal them, revealing  at the same time aspects of ourselves. The last years, I am mentoring various practitioners in developing their projects and expanding their vision supporting them in their decisions.

I supervise and co-edit often together with Lambros Papanikolatos and Kostas Ioannidis the production of artists' books.


Intensive 3 or 4 days workshops on Fine Art Contemporary Photography Practice and Theory

I am delivering 3 or 4 days intensive workshops on photography practice and theory often together with art - photography historian Kostas ioannidis. These workshops aim at helping the practitioners broaden their horizons and developing creative strategies by creating a small body of work within three days.

I have organised and delivered workshops in various photography clubs in Greece on the following subjects. 

Contemporary documentary practices

Night (urban)scape and the poetics of shadows

Visual diary practices

Exploring identity and other issues through portraiture. Distance and closeness in practice.

Editing and sequencing photographic projects.